How Zalando Adopted Kotlin We talked to Ole Sasse and Gregor Zeitlinger about the weather in Spain and Germany, but more importantly, about how Zalando has successfully introduced Kotlin on the server-side.

Teaching Coroutines We sit down with Mohit Sarveiya, Google Developer Expert in Kotlin and Android, to talk about everything coroutines.

Kotlin in AppCode: What? Where? Why? We sit down with Aydar Mukhametzyanov to talk about Kotlin and AppCode – the what, how, and why

10 Years of Kotlin Special Together with the Kotlin community, we have prepared a special episode of the Talking Kotlin podcast! It is dedicated to the 10 Years of Kotlin celebration and features guests talking about their journeys with the language.

Kotlin in Education In this episode, we’ll sit down with Ksenia Shneyveys, the Kotlin Manager for Education and University Relations at JetBrains, and talk to her about the current state and future of Kotlin in academia.