What Does the Kotlin Foundation Do? Immerse yourself in the world of Kotlin as the latest podcast episode unveils the inner workings of the Kotlin Foundation!

Network-Resilient Applications with Store5 Join us in this exciting episode of Talking Kotlin as we dive into the world of Kotlin Multiplatform with three special guests, Mike Nakhimovich, Yigit Boyar, and Matthew Ramotar, the minds behind the popular library 'Store' — a Kotlin Multiplatform library for building network-resilient applications.

Coil Goes Multiplatform with Colin White In this edition, we dive into the dynamic world of Android development with Colin White, the creator of the widely acclaimed Coil library. Join us as we discuss the latest developments, insights, and the exciting roadmap for Coil.

http4k Chronicles Dive into the intricate world of microservices with the latest episode of Talking Kotlin, hosted by Sebastian and Hadi . In this engaging conversation, the hosts are joined by Ivan and David, the masterminds behind HTTP4K, to discuss the nuances of simplicity in software development and the often-misunderstood landscape of microservices.

Making Multiplatform Better In this episode, we talk to Rick Clephas, one of the Kotlin Foundation Grants Program winners and the creator of KMP-NativeCoroutines and KMM-ViewModel.